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5 Cyber Security Tips for IoT Medical Devices

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Internet-connected medical devices—belonging to what’s commonly called the Internet of Things (IoT)—can help health care providers better diagnose and treat patients. However, each of those devices also becomes a potential vector of attack for cyber criminals. To combat this threat, a new report from Forrester Research offers five key tips for combatting the threat posed by IoT-connected medical devices.

5 Tips for Combatting Cyber Criminals

  1. Determine the IoT devices connected to your network. Begin by cataloguing and assessing the specific devices on your network to understand the extent and nature of your exposure.
  2. Implement a clinical risk management framework. While new technology means new problems, there are still industry standards and best practices available for encountering those risks as they emerge.
  3. Follow cyber security basics. The most common attacks remain centered around social engineering and spear phishing. Educate employees so they don’t unwittingly grant system access to cyber criminals.
  4. Include security requirements for new device requests in proposals and contract language. As you purchase and use new devices, demand that manufacturers test their devices and alert you to any potential vulnerabilities they’ve uncovered.
  5. Build a zero-trust networking architecture. Assume that the security surrounding your network will fail. Build security systems throughout your network, log all traffic and restrict access only to those who need it. As a guide, use the mantra, “never trust; always verify.”

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