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OSHA’s National Fall Prevention Stand-Down Began May 2

OSHA’s National Fall Prevention Stand-Down, an annual event designed to raise awareness and prevent fall hazards in construction, will take place May 2-6. With fall-related fatalities accounting for nearly 40 percent of all job-related deaths in the construction sector, OSHA sees the event as an opportunity to reduce the number of fall-related injuries and fatalities.

In order to aid in that goal, OSHA is encouraging anyone interested in workplace safety to take time that week to speak directly to employees about fall hazards and address strategies for fall prevention. While this will obviously include employers, OSHA is hopeful that other industry stakeholders—including government agencies, labor unions and employee trade associations—will also participate.


To better help event organizers and participants, OSHA has created a website dedicated to the Stand-Down. There are a number of resources available, including suggestions on how to conduct a successful Stand-Down, as well as a list of Stand-Down events that are free and open to the public. Also, starting May 2, those who participate in event activities will be able to download a certificate of participation signed by the Secretary of Labor.

OSHA hopes that this year’s Stand-Down will build off of past success. Last year, 2.5 million people participated in the event. This year, OSHA is hoping to double that number and reach 5 million—or half of the workers in the construction industry.

Employee Safety

Employee safety is a paramount concern for all employers, and an educational event like the Stand-Down is the perfect opportunity to make sure your employees know how to be safe. If you’d like more information regarding fall prevention training, contact your advisor at D’Camera Group, LLC. We have a host of compliance and educational materials, including a “Fall Protection Program and Training Materials,” which is available in both English and Spanish and is based on the OSHA standard.

Workers Compensation

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