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Captive Insurance

Captive insurance companies are established with the specific objective of financing risks emanating from their parent group or groups. Captives provide companies with coverage they need but otherwise would be unable to obtain through the traditional insurance market, thereby reducing the high cost of insurance to large corporations.

How do captives work?

Businesses form their own insurance company subsidiary to finance their retained losses in a formal structure. Captives must be licensed within one or more jurisdictions, with the primary jurisdiction known as the captive’s domicile.

Why captive insurance?

Captive insurance companies allow a business owner to insure against property and casualty and other enterprise risks while lowering overall insurance costs, but they are also an effective vehicle for wealth transfer and asset protection.

Where do we come in?

Here at the D’Camera Group, our Captive Insurance Program is domiciled in the State of Delaware. Delaware’s series entity captive program combines the best of Delaware’s business entity law with forward looking methods of risk transfer and is one of the most progressive and customizable captive programs in the country.